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Driving a motorhome is a wonderful feeling.  There’s a sense of adventure and the freedom to go wherever you like, and the ability to leave your worries in the driveway behind you.

But, whether you’ve rented a motorhome for a long weekend, or you’ve made the leap and bought your very own RV, you need to know how to command your vehicle safely on Australia’s long roads and winding tracks.

Here are some basic and essential safety tips for happy motorhome driving. While they might seem obvious, we don’t always consider these things foremost in mind and they are vital to ensuring you get safely to your destination.


Australia’s road conditions vary. The cities have tight turning lanes and fast freeways to reach outer suburbs and beyond, and you might not always catch speedy car drivers darting in and around you. There are also trams and trains to contend with. When you finally get out of the Big Smoke, driving in rural areas the roads can be bumpy and prone to wildlife crossings. There will usually be road signs if there are known spots for wildlife crossings for koalas, wombats, kangaroos and cattle. Make sure you are mindful of road signs and adhere to them. Driving a larger vehicle has a different response than avoiding road kill in a car.

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