Operating the toilet in your motorhome

Author: Cathy Anderson  


One thing that decidedly sets the motorhome lifestyle apart from other forms of mobile travel and camping is the creature comforts that come with it, and on top of that list is the toilet. Most larger motorhomes come with an ensuite, and this is often the deciding factor for buyers to step up from a campervan.

Here we give you some practical tips on how to make sure your toilet is working efficiently, and how to properly empty it and care for it so you can enjoy a stress-free motorhome adventure.


Like most things in a motorhome that requires power, the toilet needs to be turned on. Ensure the switch is flicked to the ‘on’ position. This is likely to be in a panel of switches alongside those for the heater, LCD and DC outlet. It is usually wall-mounted and located with your other gauges and electric controls. Your motorhome toilet consists of the toilet seat and controls inside, which is connected to a cassette located in a locked storage space on the side of your motorhome which holds the waste. A water tank which holds water for flushing is also located here. It’s important to know all the components of your toilet system in order to use it properly.

To use the toilet, you’ll need to make sure the cassette is open and all waste can be directed there. Look for a lever on the left-hand side of the toilet seat. Push this lever to the right to open the toilet’s cassette. To flush the toilet, push the blue button that sits in a white and grey panel just below the lever.


RV Sales Centre recommends you empty your toilet every one or two days. This avoids a build-up of waste and overflowing - no one wants that to happen! Emptying your toilet’s waste must only be done at an authorised dump station. Most holiday and caravan parks will have a station for its visitors, but you can also find dumping points at various truck stops, municipal parks in towns and campgrounds - there are also several online resources to allow you to locate dump points.


Firstly, make sure the lever to the left of the toilet is in the closed position - pushed all the way to the left. This will allow the cassette to be removed. This lever must also be closed at all times while you are driving your motorhome. Find the toilet locker on the outside of your motorhome and unlock it with the key your dealer would have given to you. Once open, you will see the cassette immediately in front - this is usually a grey colour. To empty the cassette, look for a lever at the bottom of the locker which you must lift up to release the cassette and then use the handle to remove it. Be careful as it may be quite heavy. If you cannot remove the cassette, go inside and check that the lever to the left of the toilet is pushed all the way to the closed position (to the left).

Take the cassette to the dump point and put it on the ground. The nozzle will twist away from the main tank - do this first so that the nozzle is straight. Unscrew the cap, lift the cassette carefully and tip the contents into the dump station. There is a button on top of the cassette at the back - push this to release any pressure inside the cassette. This will help release the contents.

When you have finished, slide open the panel on top of the cassette and use a hose to rinse it with fresh water and tip it into the dump station. Add a small amount of fresh water and a toilet chemical into the cassette before closing it and then lift it back into position in the locker. To avoid leaks, ensure the cassette is correctly aligned by firmly pushing it into place.


It is vital you regularly check the water levels of the tank so you can continue to have free-flowing flushing with your toilet. To check how full the water tank is, look at the pipe to the left of the cassette in the locker - it will give you an indication straight away.

Filling the toilet water flush tank is easy. Pull the top nozzle out so it swings away from its niche, then undo the cap at the top and fill with a hose. It’s important that you do not add any chemicals to the water tank - fresh water only.

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