Product Review: Companion Maxi Evaporative Cooler

Author: Cathy Anderson   Date Posted: 8 January 2019


Travelling in summer means hot, sunny days, more daylight than you can poke a sundial at, and mountains of ice cream. But, with a gadget like the Companion Maxi Evaporative Cooler, it doesn’t have to mean a sweaty and uncomfortable journey.

These days, most RVers won’t head off on an adventure without air-conditioning. You have your home away from home, but you want to take some comforts of home with you - and, more often than not, air-con tops the ‘must-have’ list. And let’s face it, many of us are inclined to travel in the warmer weather when the longer days allow for extended drives, more attractions are open and you can simply fit more in to your time on the road.


Companion Maxi Water Cooler


Keeping cool, particularly during the heat of the day and through sweltering evenings, will make your holiday memories so much sweeter.

The Companion Maxi Evaporative Cooler is a portable cooler that works off its own inbuilt battery power. It can be charged through its 12V connector at the rear or via a 240V adaptor. It pairs nicely with a portable power unit such as the Projecta Power-Hub. The cooler can run from the AC/DC input if the battery is flat, but that won’t recharge it. It takes 12 hours to fully charge the cooler.

It’s a pretty light unit at 2.4kg and so it easy to transport, even when filled with water.



The cooler has a 1200ml water capacity, which it uses to provide cool air. It sucks down 150ml per hour so you do need to keep an eye on the levels via the gauge on the front of the unit. To fill the water tank, which sits at the bottom of the unit, unclip each side and lift the cooler by the top handle. Fill ‘er up, and then pop the unit back on and clip the latches on either side firmly into place.

There are two settings - high and low - which deliver varying degrees of airflow. These buttons are on the top right of the cooler. To get a lovely blast of cold air, you simply hit the snowflake button and voila! You’re totally chilled.

The cooler has a lifespan of six hours from a full battery on the low setting, and around three hours and 15 minutes on high.


Companion Maxi Water Cooler for motorhomes



I used this while camping - it was a dream to have some cool air circulating in our hot tent on a very sticky December night. It is a great addition to a traveller’s arsenal, particularly if there is convoy of different vehicles and perhaps family who are camping alongside you and your motorhome.

But, as it is designed to cool small spaces, I can see the potential for this unit to sit neatly on your dining table pointed at the back of your motorhome to cool things down before bed at night, or while having a cheeky nap during the day after a tough morning at the beach...

The Companion Maxi Evaporative Cooler is available for $129.90 (RVPass Members; $148.50 non-members). (prices are subject to change)

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