Product Review: Hard Korr White and Orange Camp Light Kit

Author: Cathy Anderson   Date Posted: 18 January 2019

That age-old issue of tripping over items after dark at your camp (perhaps after a little too much merriment at Happy Hour) or being unable to find your reading glasses/drink bottle/copy of Caravan World magazine may finally have a simple solution.

The Hard Korr White and Orange Camp Light Kit is designed for bigger rigs and for larger campsites - and perfect for those travelling in a convoy and heading away from the crowds to stay at more remote (darker) overnight spots.

These weatherproof LED light bars are powered either by a 12V battery or a portable device (such as the Projecta Power-Hub), or by 240V power outlet - although you must use a Hard Korr 240V transformer (sold separately) to go down that route. They draw down very little power (12V/3.0A per hour) so you can leave them on overnight without worrying about draining your battery, and they have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The bars come in either white or orange - this kit has three white and two orange bars. The white lights are 3000 lumens for easy visibility while the orange bars are 1750 lumens, which offers a greater ambience and less incentive for neighbouring bugs.

Hard Korr Camping Lights Orange and White

Hard Korr’s diffusers, a frosted lining that slides over the globes, are now included with all light bar kits, and these work to create a much softer light beam that avoids ‘spotlighting’ campers when sitting in direct line with them (travelling in your RV is supposed to be fun, not torture!).

Another advantage is that they have a minimal heat output, unlike other forms of campsite lighting such as gas lamps.


The five bars in the kit can be affixed wherever you feel you need extra illumination: along the side of your RV or awning, to the edge of your outdoor table or, perhaps, the lining of a portable canvas gazebo.

They have inbuilt magnets so you can attach them to most metal surfaces instantly, but the kits also offer cable ties and velcro straps so you can secure the light bars to non-metal surfaces, too.

Because the bars can be moved to suit your individual rig or campsite, they are incredibly flexible. There are numerous extension cords from 2.5m to 5m included in the kit, so you don’t need to be too restricted with their setup. And, if you decide the configuration you initially created hasn’t quite hit the mark, simply change it up!

Hard Korr Camping Lights

Of course, these light bars are built for the great outdoors, and their IP68 waterproof rating means they are completely watertight. They also come with waterproof locking DC connectors on all cables as well.

The coolest thing about the Hard Korr Five-Bar White and Orange Camp Light Kit are the dimming switches. These allow you to create the ambience you want, according to your needs and lateness of the hour. These are not waterproof, however, so have them tucked away somewhere out of the elements. Hard Korr does sell a dimmer pole clip separately to assist with this.


You know you’re on a good wicket with a product when the manufacturer offers a healthy warranty. The light kits come with a comprehensive five-year Australian warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Hard Korr Five-Bar White and Orange Camp Light Kit  is available for $269 (RV Pass member price) or $299 (non-members).

HArd Korr Camping lights

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