Product Review: Projecta Power-Hub

Author: Cathy Anderson   Date Posted: 17 January 2019

As much as we would all like to think we can do without our devices and electricity-fed conveniences, that usually isn’t the case. These days, travellers are so used to mod-cons and an easy lifestyle that stripping it all back to the bare bones is like doing those crazy ice bucket challenges over and over again.


Staying in caravan parks when you travel around our great country in a caravan and motorhome allows you to hook up to power each night, but free camping is a different kettle of fish. So how does one keep the iPads fired up for the kids, the smartphones, rechargeable lights and other cool appliances full of juice?


One solution is the Projecta Power-Hub. In a nutshell, the Power-Hub turns your 12V battery into a user-friendly device that allows you to stay off-grid for longer, as you can charge all your appliances and devices,

It has an in-built 300W pure sine wave inverter which essentially replicates mains power and allows for the safe powering of laptops, radios, fridges, lighting and similar equipment. It even has the capability to jump-start your RV should you discover it feeling a little flat...



One of the frustrations of modern travelling life is the amount of items which need to be charged, and the ‘conga-line’ waiting for their turn.


The cool thing about the Power-Hub is that it has 10 power outlets so you can charge multiple items at once, and you can also simultaneously charge it up using portable solar panels like the Hard Korr 200W Heavy Duty Portable Solar Panels with Crocskin Cell Armour. Power outlets include a 240V AC socket for pure sine wave power, USB, cigarette lighter, Engel, 50A heavy duty and merit sockets plus DC Terminals.

It is pretty handy for your own RV and campsite and, it can also be used for trips away from camp.

The Power-Hub’s design is catered for the outdoors. Each side has lift-up weatherproof covers that seem well made and are easy to manoeuvre. The top of the housing has special gutters moulded into it to allow water to drain away from all the plugs and sockets.

The 2.4in LCD screen is really simple to use. It shows the health of the battery, its state of charge as a percentage, the time to full charge as well as the number of hours it predicts it has left without any charge - all at the press of a button.

There are two options to charge up the Power-Hub. You can either boost it cia a 240V AC charger or solar panels connected to the DC terminals or 50A heavy duty socket.


Power Hub Portable BatteryThere’s just one thing about the Power-Hub -

It is very heavy. It’s probably best then to leave it ‘parked’ in your vehicle where you can easily access it to charge up your devices, and where it can also be accessed to shift out and connected to your mobile solar panels to get a little boost. Moving it constantly is not entirely practical (unless you are in the mood for some weight training while on holiday!)

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