Best Time of Year To Buy A Motorhome

Author: Cathy Anderson  


When it comes to buying a motorhome, making the right choice is a matter of research, finances and, quite importantly, the timing.

Knowing the best time of year to get the sweetest deal possible is the key to a successful purchase and many years of happy memory making.



The best time to buy is the beginning of each year, usually January to March.

Travellers are much more enthusiastic about hitting the road once the weather warms up, and it’s well known in the industry that the ‘migration’ of RVers who set off to explore Australia usually starts around April to May when the weather cools in the south.

Motorhome manufacturers and dealers have adjusted their production cycle to suit this. Manufacturers typically spend the winter months designing new models and tweaking or upgrading existing motorhomes so they can be ready to unleash for the start of the show season, typically in November.

Because all the new models are available at this time, it’s the peak period for buyers to inspect their prospective choices. It’s also the best time to grab a bargain, particularly around various shows and open days that manufacturers and dealers host.



January and February are also great times for buyers after a secondhand unit as well. Most rental companies will launch a fleet of vehicles for the summer trade, but then put these up for sale after a few months.

These motorhomes have low mileage on the clock (usually under 30,000km), very little wear and tear and will often have any kinks ironed out. RV Sales Centre offers its KEA Discovery and Jayco Traveller models for sale in this way.

Winter, by contrast, is the lowest time of year to look for a motorhome. You may be able to snag a bargain as foot traffic is considerably lower during the cooler months, but you’ll also have fewer options to choose from.



Summer is also a great time to buy a motorhome because you can usually rely on great weather to give it a test-run before you set off on an extended sojourn or a Big Lap around Australia.

Find a holiday park within two hours of your home and set up camp for a night or two. The idea is to test out your motorhome, try to use all the appliances, figure out how to connect everything to power and set up the awning - all the things you were probably shown how to do when you bought it, but haven’t practiced yet. This way, if you have any dramas, the dealer or manufacturer is not far away and help will be at hand.



Determining the time of year to buy your motorhome is the easy part - but what about the best time of your life? Salespeople who work in motorhome companies such as RV Sales Centre see a great diversity of customers, from young couples to families and Grey Nomads touring for the first time.

And many wish they could have introduced the latter group to the motorhoming lifestyle much earlier in life - even if it’s a rental holiday once a year, and then stepping up to purchasing their own unit once they retire.

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