Dealer profile: Greg Pinner from KB Campers in Perth, WA

Our monthly ‘meet the dealer’ series offers you a virtual insight into dealers from around the country so you can get a feel for their expertise, experience and passion.

This month, we meet Greg Pinner from KB Campers in Perth, WA.


How long have you been in the RV game?

About 12 years now, and I have been with KB Campers for that time. I had been working with Purely Commercials as a buyer for the commercial yard where KB Campers was also based. I have been in sales since I left school. When Gino, owner of the KB Campers, offered me a job selling campers, I thought it was a great opportunity and I have never looked back. I have been surfing since I can remember. I had a Commodore Wagon and I used to drive down south with my mates and sleep out of the wagon and go surfing. The campers offer a similar lifestyle and are more comfortable!


Why do you like about selling RVs?

I love the great quality product we sell from THL - they have really good layouts and quality vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagens and Toyotas. They are easy to sell in that they are top-of-the-line mechanically. The people we interact with are more laid back. You are selling something that people are excited about - it’s not a necessity, it’s something for enjoyment. So I’m in the lifestyle game. They treat you differently because you are helping them into something, rather than trying to ‘sell’ them something.


What is your favourite RV?

My favourite RV is the KEA Nomad. The layout with the front swivel seats to a three-person dinette allows you to leave the queen bed made-up in back, making it offer what a larger motorhome does, minus the size. Plus it has amazing fuel economy. Because it is just me and my wife and little boy, that size is ideal for us.


Who are your customers?

People from all walks of life. The demographic is usually 40-plus. Some of the smaller Hi-Ace vans are for younger people, but usually here in Perth and WA it is older people, those close to retirement, or who are retired. We have customers from CEOs to labourers. Some customers have been doing it all their life, and we get a lot of people from caravans who now want to go to a motorhome because they are easier than towing. Some people have never done anything like this, and some have travelled overseas all their lives and they want to start looking at Australia.


Do you have repeat customers?

Yes I do. Some trade in for a different layout or model or they want a later model. We have had some who sell theirs privately and then they miss it and want to come back and buy another one. We get a lot of referrals, too. It’s a good part of our business. We really thank our customers and give them a fuel voucher if they refer someone to us. If they need help down the line, with parts or advice or need a service in other parts of the country, we have contacts through THL to be able to guide them in the right direction to trusted repairers.


What is your favourite camper itinerary?

I love jumping into a motorhome with my wife and son heading down to the South West Coast of WA to enjoy the best beaches and wineries in Australia! I have some top surf spots around the Gracetown area.


Did you have a favourite holiday park?

Reflections Holiday Park in Seal Rocks, NSW. We were in Byron Bay for the Splendour in the Grass music festival in 2009 and we were driving a motorhome back through NSW, saw a sign for Seal Rocks and decided to turn off. It was just a magical drive down a winding forrested road that opened up to two beautiful bays and a lighthouse - it was really magical. The park is near Treachery Bay, where there is some really good surf.


Your top tip for motorhome buyers?

A lot of people who we sell to wish they had done it ages ago. If you are thinking about it, we always say just try it and at least rent one. If you love it, you can come and buy what you’d rented through us. Life’s short and we think you should just get out there. If you have it, then you will use it. With a motorhome or campervan you aren’t restricted as you are when you stay in a hotel. You can get up one day and you might travel 100km down the road, but because you have everything with you, you can stay where you end up. It’s the freedom that they offer.

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