What To Expect in Warranty and Service


Ex-rental motorhomes are often a popular choice simply because they are more affordable than a brand new motorhome, but do of course come with a few problems caused by extended use and inexperienced motorhomers. The RV Sales Centre does its best to ensure any known issues are sorted before the motorhome is sold, but there may well be items that have be fixed under warranty.

Warranty and service matters in the recreational vehicle industry are sometimes an area of misunderstanding and dispute. It is not always the fault of the dealer or manufacturer.

Service Manager of the RV Sales Centre in Melbourne, Rhy Rourke-Haddow says what the sales centre has decided to do is offer an extended warranty at no extra cost of the motorhome purchase price.

"For instance at the moment, we offer a three month warranty on our used motorhomes and that is extended by three years. We have organised the extra time through Integrity Extended Warranties. While new vehicles get a 12 month warranty plus an extra two years."

At this point in time the extended warranty only covers the motorhome mechanicals, ie cab and chassis, but RV Sales Centre is currently negotiating on the 'house' part. It’s the latter area where there are often warranty disputes because of the many individual items that make up campervan or motorhome.

It’s certainly recommended that any prospective purchaser fully understands any motorhome warranty offered to avoid after sales problems. Included in that is the fact that motorhomes do contain a number of items that require regular servicing and these should always be dealt with by competent trades people.

It’s not obligatory, but the RV Sales Centre does have a fully equipped workshop to deal with any maintenance and service problem. That is backed up by the nearby action manufacturing plant, where many of the THL motorhomes are built, and so there is plenty of on-site experience.

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