Requirements To Consider Before Getting An RV

Author: RV Sales Centre   Date Posted: 28 November 2017


What RV is right for you? Read on below to think about what camper you’re looking for.

Beds – how many will you need? Doubles, singles. A decent bed means a decent night sleep, which makes all the difference when away from home.

Kitchen – would you use it? If so you will need a good working area, storage and appliances (stove, microwave, fridge, freezer etc.).

Are you happy to use facilities provided at a holiday park or do you want your own shower and toilet for convenience? Consider separate shower and toilet, 12V heating options.

Is the ceiling high enough for the tallest person travelling?

How much storage would you need?

Self containment – size of water tanks (fresh and waste), battery capacity, solar power, gas storage, refrigeration capacity and general storage. Self containment doesn’t mean roughing it – you should have the technology and facilities on board to enjoy life’s luxuries while you’re connecting with nature and all it has to offer.


Manual or automatic transmission?

Manual transmission offers better fuel economy and power. RVs equipped with a manual gear box are great on downhill runs thanks to increased engine brake control. Motorhomes with automatic transmission are very easy to drive. If you want to coast along and take in the view, then automatic is the way to go. Automatics are also great if you are not so confident in a larger unit to drive, or if there is someone in the family who may want to use it but can’t manage a manual.

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