What To Look For When Buying an RV

Author: RV Sales Centre   Date Posted: 28 November 2017


Before you start looking around at RVs on the market, stop and think about how you are going to use your RV. Short trips, visits to family and friends, freedom camping - how do you intend to use your vehicle?

  • Gravel roads and farm access tracks on the agenda? Rear wheel drive is important. Double rear wheels are even better.
  • Do you intend to go off the grid for longer periods? You would need to think about self containment, fresh and waste tank sizes, batteries and solar panels. Read up on the Freedom Camping Laws in Australia so you know where you can stay.
  • What level of comfort do you desire? Do you want to get away from it all and get back to basics or take your home luxuries and comforts on holiday with you? These days your RV can have all the mod cons plus some!
  • What are you prepared to spend? Do you want to buy brand new or second hand? Australia built vs import?
  • How many people will be travelling most of the time. Who will be travelling together the most? Do you need easy to use seating and bedding options because there are always more than two travelling, or if it’s infrequent are you happy to set up beds and dismantle in the morning?
  • Do you have space to store it when not in use?
  • Do you want a return on your investment when you do not use it? Ask us about Mighway


Should I avoid buying an RV, imported from a foreign country? The time of dodgy imports are gone. You can now buy quality European imports in total confidence. The RV Super Centre sell imported vehicles designed by well established, renowned and industry leading brands Motorhomes by Italy’s Roller Team for example result from important technological investment; they are extremely well built and reliable. European RVs often boast more luxurious and stylish interiors. Don’t be afraid to get exotic.

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