Motorhome Service Checklist

Minor Service 20 Point Checklist
1. Change engine oil
2. Change engine oil filter
3. Check/Inspect brake system and operation
4. Check/Fill brake/clutch fluid level
5. Check/Fill power steering fluid level
6. Visual check of radiator and cooling system
7. Check suspension components
8. Visual check for any vehicle leaks (engine, transmission & differential)
9. Visual check drive-belt
10. Visual check air filter
11. Visual check of exhaust system
12. Visual check of steering components
13. Check tyre condition and report
14. Check/Adjust tyre pressures
15. Check/Test external lights of vehicle (headlights, taillights etc)
16. Check windscreen condition
17. Replace windscreen wiper blades and fill washer fluid
18. Test battery condition and check/fill levels
19. Check vehicle dashboard lights
20. Reset service light and complete service book

Major Service also includes (30 Point)
21. Replace air filter
22. Replace diesel fuel filter (petrol fuel filter available upon request and may incur an additional labour charge)
23. Replace pollen filter
24. Check gearbox/transmission fluid level and condition
25. Check diff/transaxle fluid level and condition
26. Visual check of timing belt
27. Rotate tyres as required
28. Lubricate door hinges
29. Check operation of air-conditioning
30. Run diagnostic scan tool test on vehicle

House Check
1. Load test house battery
2. Check 240v charger
3. Test/Check all seatbelts
4. Test smoke alarm
5. Test and check awning
6. Check gas bottle expiry