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Motorhomes and campervans need regular servicing to keep them running smoothly, just like your car does. With yearly servicing this lessens the chances of anything going wrong when you’re on your next road trip, you don’t want to lose precious moments with your friends and family! When servicing your motorhome it’s important to use a motorhome specialist as the ‘house’ part of your motorhome is just as important as the chassis.

RV Sales Centre is a Melbourne motorhome expert and will lovingly take care of your motorhome service, and can complete all repairs or upgrades.

We know motorhomes.
For decades our experienced team has been designing, building and maintaining motorhomes in Australia.
Exceptional customer service.
We’ll always clearly communicate about work that you get us to do, and do our best to make sure you drive away happy.
Best in class equipment and parts.
We stock an extensive range of spare parts and have all the specialist equipment to make repairs or modifications to your chassis or house.

Choose from our quality service packages
We offer two options for motorhome and campervan servicing. A minor service is generally due every 10,000kms or 6 months, and a major service every 30,000kms or 12 months. These times vary between different manufacturers so we always advise checking your vehicle's service manual. Both of our service packages also come with a complimentary check of your house so you can have peace of mind that your key motorhome services and functionality are in order. This will ensure your home on wheels continues to be the best it can be.



We offer two different service package options: Minor and Major.



FROM $345

Minor service includes:

Oil and filter change

Check brakes

20-point check

Replace wiper blades

House/Living area check

20-point check - view checklist



From $515

Major service includes:

Oil and filter change

Check Brakes

20-point check

Replace wiper blades

House/Living area check

Replace air filter

Replace fuel filter (diesel veh. only)

Replace brake fluid

30-point check - view checklist


Each service includes a complimentary check to the following house items:
  • Load test house battery
  • Check 240v charger
  • Test/Check all seatbelts
  • Test smoke alarm
  • Test and check awning
  • Check gas bottle expiry

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(All prices are inclusive of GST)

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